Feedback policy

Audience: All Members

  1. 1   Policy Overview: We welcome and appreciate your feedback and ideas to make Everywhere Venues even better. We also want to support you in protecting your intellectual property.
  2. 2   Feedback Handling
    1. 2.1   Please do not send us any confidential ideas, information, or suggestions in any form.
    2. 2.2   For any ideas, information, or suggestions submitted, regardless of what the accompanying communication regarding the submissions says, Members understand that submissions are voluntary and the following terms apply:
      1. 2.2.1  The Member agrees that:
        • Feedback submissions and all information contained will automatically become the property of Everywhere Venues, without any compensation payable to the Member;
        • Everywhere Venues has no obligation to review feedback submissions;
        • Everywhere Venues may implement and distribute any portion of a feedback submission and its contents for any purpose in any way, without any compensation to the Member; and
        • Everywhere Venues has no obligation to keep feedback submissions confidential.
    3. 2.3   All feedback submissions will receive an acknowledgement.
    4. 2.4   We strive to resolve issues and complaints promptly and efficiently. If you have a complaint or concern, please raise this with your Venue Manager or Visitor in the first instance. If you would like further assistance, please forward your matter to Everywhere Venues using the contact details below.
    5. 2.5   A contact will generally be responded to within 24 hours.

Everywhere Venues can only be contacted by emailing or by using the contact form on the Everywhere Venues Platform.