1.  Service Fee. We deduct a Service Fee (including taxes, if applicable) every time a paid booking is completed. The Service Fee is 15% of the Total Fee. It includes GST.  i.  Listing Subscription. This applies to request only and free to book Venue Listings. Conditions:
     (i) We will let anyone list one venue for free per Venue Manager account in our platform if it accepts bookings on an instant or request basis. A Service Fee is not applied to venues that are free to hire.    (ii) We charge a small monthly Listing Subscription of AUD 5.50 including GST per venue per month for venues that are listed without the ability to accept bookings via our platform. The Listing Subscription will also be applied to the second and all additional venues that a Venue Manager makes free to book via its Everywhere Venues account.
2.  Total fee. Includes Venue Fee, Service Fee, and GST.
How is the price determined for my booking?
  • Total Fee: The Venue Manager sets the daily and hourly rates which will be applied to the amount of time you wish to access the Venue.
  • Service Fee: The Everywhere Venues Platform Service Fee is deducted from the Total Fee when making a paid booking via our platform. It is AUD 15% of the Total Fee.

  • Venue Fee: The remainder of the Total Fee minus the Service Fee is paid to the Venue Manager's nominated bank account upon successful completion of the booking.

Other costs that may be included:
  • Goods and Services Tax (GST): tax charged to Visitors using the service in Australia
  • Local Taxes: Any taxes charged based on the location of the Venue Managers listing
Once a Venue Manager accepts your booking request or if you use Instant Book, the Total Fees are charged in full.   The Total Fees will be deducted from your registered credit card in Everywhere Venues at 60 days prior to venue start time/date, if the booking was made before 60 days prior to venue start time/date. If the credit card transaction fails, the booking will be automatically cancelled.