Making venues accessible

Everywhere Venues is committed to giving people information to choose which venues meet their needs and accessibility requirements.

Providing accessible venues is good for people with accessibility needs and our growing ageing population. It's good for diversity, families and it's also good for business.

Venue Managers can help people to make informed decisions about their venue by providing thorough and accurate information about accessibility features.

There are simple measures you can take to improve the accessibility of your venue - they might make the world of difference to a visitor!

Start by reviewing our list of accessibility features that you can add to your venue listing. These can include level access, having an accessible toilet, wide doorways or having a lift or ramp.

You can improve the accessibility of your venue by ensuring:

  • Venues are well and evenly lit throughout.

  • Entrances, lifts, ramps and corridor widths comply with Australian Standards.

  • Easy open and automatic doors are available and working properly.

  • Accessible bathrooms are available, easy to locate, working properly, clear of clutter.

  • Nearby public transport options are are explained.

  • Laws surrounding service animals in Australia are understood and followed.

  • Simple and easy-to-read wayfinding materials are available (clear directions, appropriate signage).

  • Sufficient space is provided between furniture and fittings for wheelchair access.

  • Table height is accessible to wheelchair users and people of short stature, including refreshment tables and buffets.

  • Chairs are available for people who may experience fatigue.

  • Obstacles are removed or accurately described to help people prepare.

  • Trip hazards such as cables are taped down.

  • Strobe lighting or flashing lights are removed.

  • Ramps comply with local standards. Portable ramps are a simple and affordable option.

  • Reasonable changes are made when asked by a visitor, such as placing items lower.