Prohibited activities policy

  1. 1   Policy Overview
    1. 1.1   The following prohibited activities apply to all Venues listed in the Everywhere Venues platform unless expressly permitted in writing by the Venue Manager.
    2. 1.2  The Venue Manager must identify in the Venue Listing any other rules that apply to the Venue.
    3. 1.3  When making a booking, a Visitor must agree to not undertake any of the prohibited activities and/or any additional rules that are outlined in the Venue Listing.
    4. 1.4  The Visitor is responsible for the behaviour of all Attendees and all people that he or she gives access to the Venue. The Visitor must ensure that each and every person is aware of and does not undertake any of the prohibited activities at the Venue.
  2. 2   Prohibited activities: prohibited activities may include, but are not limited to any of the following activities unless expressly permitted in writing by the Venue Manager and according to any conditions reasonably imposed by the Venue Manager:
    1. 2.1   Engage in any activity other than the permitted activities
    2. 2.2   Use any part of the Venue other than the exact area outlined in the Venue Listing
    3. 2.3   Hawk, advertise, sell, dispose of or supply anything whatsoever (including refreshments)
    4. 2.4   Use equipment belonging to Venue Manager not included in the Venue Conditions
    5. 2.5   Use their own equipment without the prior approval of the Venue Manager. Permission may be granted if the equipment is compatible with existing arrangements, is suitable for use in the Venue and has been tested and tagged in accordance with local standards
    6. 2.6   Allow any person not subject to the direction and control of the Visitor to use the Venue
    7. 2.7   Use any electronic equipment including scoreboards and timing equipment that is not the property of the Venue
    8. 2.8   Re-hire, sub-let or licence the Venue, or any part of the Venue to any person or organisation
    9. 2.9   Alter, penetrate, move or remove any fixture, fitting or furnishing of the Venue
    10. 2.10   Bring, or permit to be brought into the Venue any animal except a genuine assistance animal
    11. 2.11   Erect or display within the Venue any advertisement
    12. 2.12   Erect or display within the Venue any advertisement or signage which in any way obstructs or impedes the clear vision of any existing advertising or signage
    13. 2.13   Move, alter or damage any existing advertisement or signage at or near the Venue
    14. 2.14   Conduct any game of chance, or mixed chance and skill, sweepstake or lottery in or adjacent to the Venue; or take any collection in or adjacent to the Venue unless it has been properly licensed and authorised by the Local State and Federal Government agencies
    15. 2.15   Bet or wager, or permit any person to bet or wager in or adjacent to the Venue
    16. 2.16   Erect any marquee, awning, hut, stall or similar structure in or adjacent to the Venue
    17. 2.17   Use high voltage cables or equipment
    18. 2.18   Use virtual signage technology for any televised events at the Venue
    19. 2.19   chemical or dangerous goods.
    20. 2.20   Conduct of campfires, hunting activities, horse riding, golf and/or model aerosports activities.
  3. 3   Failure to comply
    1. Any breach of this policy may cause the following:
      1. 3.1   Immediate cancellation of the current and future bookings of the Venue by the Visitor
      2. 3.2   Immediate cancellation of any insurance policy issued to the Visitor regarding the booking and retrospective voidance of any insurance policies by the Visitor for that Venue.
      3. 3.3   Claim against the credit card authorised by the Visitor regarding the booking
      4. 3.4   Suspension or termination of the Visitor’s Everywhere Venues account
      5. 3.5   Legal action and prosecution by law enforcement agencies.
  4. 4   Rights and responsibilities
    1. 4.1  If a Visitor is unclear about what constitutes a prohibited activity, it is their responsibility to confirm activity permissions in writing with the Venue Manager prior to undertaking the activity.
    2. 4.2  If a Venue Manager believes a Visitor has performed or allowed some other person to perform a prohibited activity at the Venue, please contact that the Visitor directly, where possible, to attempt to resolve the issue.
    3. 4.3  If the matter cannot be resolved, please cancel the booking using the Everywhere Venues Platform and advise Everywhere Venues of the details so that appropriate action can be taken.