About us

Everywhere Venues is a new online marketplace for venues and spaces with Australia's first rating system for accessibility of venues.

At Everywhere Venues, we believe the perfect space makes all the difference.

We're helping people to find, book and pay for amazing venues - so they can be who theywant to be and do what they love to do.

Winner - Best Startup in the 2018 Data and Artificial Intelligence Innovation Awards

Winner - Regional NSW Final StartCon Pitch for 1 Million – top 30 of 600 startups in Australia Pacific Region

Everywhere Venues makes community, sporting and business venues easier to search, compare and book - making cities more liveable, innovative, fair and profitable for local communities and visitors alike.

Whether it’s organising a family celebration, holding a business meeting or playing their favourite sport, Everywhere Venues provides helpful, transparent information on the wide range of features venues have to offer.

Listing a venue with Everywhere Venues is fast and easy.

Through collaborating with public and private venue owners, including local councils, universities, government agencies, not-for- profits, small businesses and community groups, we’re able to get optimum returns on their physical assets, provide easy and transparent management tools, and obtain greater accountability from guests.

Everywhere Venues received a Minimum Viable Product grant from NSW Department of Industry Jobs for NSW program and was a member of the Sydney Sports Incubator at Sydney Olympic Park Authority.