Our venue of the week, Lawlor Gallery, Temora Shire Council; book this space for exhibitions or small events. See more venues like this one on our site

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Today we visited Bradleys Head Amphitheatre within NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service. What a wonderful natural venue with panoramic city and nature views. We would love to have this venue listed to make it findable, accessibility rated and easily bookable 24/7.

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Welcome and ようこそ to our first venue in Japan as we start preparing for the 2020 Toykyo Olympic Games! Bee Club is a gorgeous private hotel at Yamanakako - venue for the cycling events in the 2020 Toyko Olympics. We've also updating our website so that when you visit us with a Japanese browser you will see our platform in Japanese!

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Have a venue you love? Flood our suggestion page!

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Our venue of the week is Scouts Australia, Sue & Ralph Ranger Scout Hall located in the coastal suburb of Curl Curl. This venue is perfect for birthday parties, providing a large space inside and out and just a short walk to the beach. Check out the Scout Hall and similar venues on our site

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Everywhere Venues is perfect fo community groups managing council owned venues - just like the Perthville Community Hall!

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Need a meeting room in Bathurst? Board rooms Training rooms Function rooms Consultation rooms Halls We've got heaps to choose from and you can book and pay online! We'll send you the tax invoice straight away. Easy. Sorted.

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Have a venue you want to see on our site? We're rooting for you!

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We won! Everywhere Venues - Best Startup in the 2018 Data and AI Innovation Awards because our accessibility rating collects data that matters!

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Just about to go onstage to present at the Data & AI Innovation Awards!

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Data that matters! We are thrilled to share that Everywhere Venues is a finalist in the BigInsights Data & AI Innovation Awards for the work we are doing to turn are accessibility rating for venues into a global standard! Wish us luck at the finals tomorrow!

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Temora Shire Council Manager for Economic Development Craig Sinclair talks about how Everywhere Venues is helping his community to improve customer service, streamline workloads and drive business tourism

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Thanks to 1503 2BS Gold for the great interview this week about the Accessible Bathurst project and the launch of the Everywhere Venues Australian Christmas Song Competition! Everywhere Venues contacted 104 organisations to be part of the Accessible Bathurst project including Bathurst Regional Council, private venue managers, schools, cafes, restaurants, churches, sporting facilities and hotels. Our team of accessibility volunteers visited venues to photograph them and gatheraccessibility information so that people can make informed decisions about howvenues may or may not meet their needs.

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New features- Have a market and need to book a stall? You can now enter short term availability!

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We are growing!

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